Why Litsupport

At LitSupport, we genuinely love what we do. Over the past two decades, we have amassed a gifted team of detail enthusiasts who thrive in an uncompromising environment where attention to detail is at the centre of everything we do. Together, we get real satisfaction out of doing outstanding work that always goes the extra mile.

Experience of Two Decades

If you fancy your trivia, you’ll be interested to know that LitSupport is the oldest and largest business of its kind in Australia. Founded in 1995, we are fortunate to have 20 years’ experience perfecting the art of document processing from working with our legal, corporate and government clients across thousands of projects, large and small.

Service Excellence

Our work is always on time, highly accurate and strictly confidential, backed up by Quality ISO 9001 and Information Security 27001 accreditations for added peace of mind. We are the first legal document management vendor to have a national Quality ISO certification.

Comprehensive Service

Twenty years of developing our services to respond to evolving industry needs has resulted in a comprehensive service offering: eDiscovery, Document Production, Managed Services and every little detail in between.

Efficient and Effective

Our longstanding industry relationships have helped us grow into the efficient, effective and integrated operators we are today. While our dedicated and laser‑focused team is all about delivering exceptional work, they are also unapologetic about their value for speed and accuracy, and will always look to save you time, space and money in every project.

24‑Hour Access

Our offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth all vaunt 24/7 operation, so you can access what you need, when you need it – always available, reliable, dependable, invested.